New Release – True Purity


We’re excited and anxious around here at Hungry Planet with the release of our 46th book.


We normally just tell people we’ve written and produced over thirty books, but I just went and counted our titles (not including DVDs, bible studies, or repackaged or revised editions) and, sure enough, number 46 just hit the warehouse. And to tell you the truth, we’re a little nervous about this one. 

Not because True Purity is all about sex, but because True Purity isn’t really about sex at all.

True Purity: More Than Just Saying ‘No’ to You-Know-What is going to make some parents and pastors in the church uncomfortable. It may even shake the foundation and hard work that many traveling youth speakers have built their ministry (and business) on. Even some of our close author friends.

In True Purity, students and young adults are going to hear us say what they’ve always suspected: that they never were really pure to begin with. That purity isn’t about sex but purity informs every area and decision of your life. That purity isn’t something you keep or guard, but that purity is found in someone else that isn’t you and never can be you. 

If you have students in your home or lead students in your church, our hope is that you check it out and that we can all help change the conversation about purity in the lives of both students and adults in the church.

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