The 13th Apostle – Kyle

Not many people know this, but instead of just twelve apostles that followed Jesus around, legend has it that there was a thirteenth named Kyle. Kyle was a dude who loved the ladies. In fact, some would say he was a tad obsessed. For instance, when Jesus fed the five thousand, the apostles were instructed to gather up all the leftovers. The Apostle Kyle used the opportunity to cruise the 5K for chicks. When the thirteen came together with all the scraps, Kyle told the others, “Hey, I met this Samaritan chica that I’m going to hang with. Tell Jesus I’ll catch up with y’all later.”

OK, so maybe we made this all up, but imagine if Jesus was hanging with you and your crowd. How obsessed would you be with following him? And would your focus (or obsession) on the opposite sex be greater or lesser because you could literally walk in his footsteps?

Here’s the deal: he is with you and you are called to walk in his footsteps today and every day. Whenever you start making the opposite sex, your current crush, or any obsession an idol to worship instead of Jesus, just remember the thirteenth apostle, Kyle. You know, the one who didn’t make it into the book?

Your turn: Have you read our book B4UD8? What does it say about us if we say to God, “just a sec, I’ve got to obsess over this…”?

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  1. Heard you guys yesterday on WBCL’s Midmorning with Char. I have been trying to unclutter for the past year as I am getting more involved with mission work. This helped put things in better perspective and I really got alot out of the program. Just ordered the book. Hhhmmm…now to declutter all my books! What to do with them all! Thanks for an insightful program.

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