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Hungry Planet’s first book hit the shelves in Fall 2003. In the short span since, Hungry Planet has published more than 40 titles and, as of 2015, has sold over 1.4 million books. In addition, 24 titles have appeared on the CBA Young Adult Bestseller list. Hungry Planet titles have been named as a finalist for the Christian Book Award in the Children/Youth category five times, winning top prize twice.

On average, Hungry Planet publishes between 4-6 books a year; books known for their excellent and award-winning covers, titles, and content.

Michael DiMarco - Publisher/Creative Director/Content Creator


Michael DiMarco is Publisher & Creative Director at Hungry Planet, an independent publishing imprint and communications company that helps authors, publishers and organizations reach a visually-engaged culture, specializing in creating resources for spiritual formation. Michael also has authored or co-authored over a dozen bestselling books including Own It, Die Young, God Guy, Devotions for the God Guy, Independence Day, and the 2010 Christian Book of the Year for Youth- B4UD8 (Before You Date.)

Michael has overseen over 40 successful retail book launches and runs the company's branding and creative efforts. His current project in development is House of Grace: Big Sinners Raising Little Sinners.

Michael’s background includes a degree in mass communication, hosting talk radio, coaching volleyball at the university level, working as a teacher/presenter at the largest Bible software company in the world, and stints as a marketing and creative strategist for some of the largest organizations and ministries around. An ordained minister, Michael is a skilled communicator and teacher, taking complex topics and breaking them down in an engaging and conversational style.

Hayley DiMarco - Founder/Content Creator


Hayley DiMarco  is the bestselling author of more than thirty books, including God Girl, Devotions for the God Girl, Obsessed, Die Young and The Fruitful Wife, just to name a few. She spent the early part of her career working for a little shoe company called Nike in Portland, Oregon and a little book company called Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2002 Hayley left Nelson and founded Hungry Planet, a company intensely focused on feeding the world’s appetite for truth by producing books and new media taking on issues of faith and life with a savvy approach to branding and packaging.  Shortly after founding Hungry Planet, Hayley successfully completed a nationwide executive search for someone to "run the planet"  so she could focus on writing. She describes her husband, Michael, as her most successful business acquisition!

Hayley has been a featured guest speaker for such large events as Women of Faith, Precept National Women's Convention, and MOPS Intl. Leadership Convention among others. She has also consulted on the creation and enhancement of some of the largest stadium events tuned to teens and young women in North America.


Hungry Planet is a content creator, publisher, brand consultant, design studio, speaker's bureau, and media maven all wrapped into one.

For readers and organizations needing content, Hungry Planet has a ten year plus track record of creating books that connect with youth, young adults, and the people that love them.  Over the past decade, Hungry Planet has been growing; starting with felt-need issues and moving to deeper, gospel-centered content, we study what people want and then give them what they need using creative packaging and messaging. With over 40 titles in ten years, as content creators, Hungry Planet is prolific in publishing content at a rapid pace.

For aspiring authors, we offer coaching advice to walk you down theipadreader path of getting a book deal with a traditional publisher or assistance with the technical side of self publishing the work yourself in both digital and print formats. Assistance may include titling, cover and interior design, file formatting and submission to online stores and print catalogs. For the occasional title that matches Hungry Planet's mission and voice, we offer the opportunity to add your work to the Hungry Planet family.

speakingFor churches and ministries, we offer not only publishing expertise for your print resources but also event consultation services where we amplify your planned event with amazing customized content that fits your audience and context. All of this from communicators that can offer you a menu of topic options but are flexible enough to speak on what you want.

Lastly, the people at Hungry Planet are engaging and effective guests on talk radio and TV covering issues of faith, family, and culture. They have been featured guests on Family Life Today, Moody Radio, KLOVE, WAY-FM, The 700 Club, Fox Today NY, and 100 Huntley Street, just to name a few.

Please contact us for any need you may have in your publishing or ministry pursuits if you think we can help!


Hungry Planet projects, both past and present. Click on "More..." on book descriptions for expanded information on the title and a link to our online storefront.

  • House of Grace

    How amazing is the grace in your home? In House of Grace: Big sinners raising little sinners, bestselling author Michael DiMarco pens a gentle, gospel-centered approach to parenting. More...

    House of Grace
  • Graduation Day 2015

    A great graduation gift in packs of ten! In Graduation Day 2015, author Michael DiMarco helps grads appreciate long-awaited freedoms, manage temptation, and make the most of new opportunities. More...

  • Own It

    As seen in the movie Grace Unplugged, Own It challenges readers by asking what it means to really "own" your faith rather than just automatically or blindly following in the footsteps of friends or parents. More...



    Leaving behind a borrowed faith.

    It's time to stop borrowing or faking your faith . . . own it!

    The feature film Grace Unplugged tells the story of Grace Trey, an eighteen year-old small town pastor's daughter who is also a phenomenal singer. But when she abruptly leaves home and finds instant Hollywood fame, the faith and relationships she grew up with are put to the test.

    As seen in the movie, Own It challenges readers by asking what it means to really "own" your faith rather than just automatically or blindly following in the footsteps of friends or parents. Bestselling authors Michael and Hayley DiMarco will help you navigate what to do when faith meets real world challenges.

    Renting, borrowing, or faking your faith is a waste of time. Own It is all about the supernatural reality that when you take hold of your faith, it's really God's love that takes hold of you.

    Buy it in paperback for adults thru teens here.

    Get the free discussion guide on our downloads page.

    Watch the trailer for Grace Unplugged:

    Own It


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